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Organic Mountain Lentils

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Lens Diversity

Our organic mountain lentils are 100% traceable and have their big comeback in the kitchen. The small pulses are an excellent supplement to a protein-rich diet and are easy to prepare: just wake the mountain lentils in water for about 3 hours (or overnight) and then simmer. As soon as the lentils are firm to the bite, sieve off the water and you’re done.

Organic mountain lentils from Austrian origin are unfortunately still rather the rarity, although the cultivation area is outstandingly suitable for the protein-rich legumes. Variety is therefore not only to be found in agriculture, but also on your plate and in your cuisine. The preparation is very similar to other pulses: soak in water for about 3 hours or overnight and then boil in fresh water until the mountain lentils are firm to the bite.


Legumes, including organic mountain lentils, are very rich in protein and can often be found in stews, soups or as a side dish in the kitchen.

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