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Organic Rape Seed Oil


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The essential addition to any kitchen

Our Organic & Raw Grape Seed Oil is a treasure of local produce, boasting a taste that captivates. Crafted entirely from hand-picked Austrian organic grapes, this Organic Grape Seed Oil is cold-pressed and left unfiltered and unrefined, ensuring it retains its natural flavor and aroma, along with its beneficial nutrients. With an impressive concentration of unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 90%), alongside vitamins E and K, and other plant compounds, our oil is a perfect complement to a conscious diet. It’s ideal for enhancing soups, sauces, or cold dishes! Discover the exceptional taste of our organic grape seed oil – a truly unique culinary experience!”



Pure organic grape seed oil of the highest quality, sourced directly from Austria, ensures minimal transportation and uncompromising quality. The meticulous extraction process and the limited yield during oil extraction firmly establish our organic grape seed oil as one of the most valuable plant oils available.

Our cold-pressed plant oil unveils its full flavor when used as a seasoning in cold dishes, allowing the essence of the wine berries to shine through beautifully.

Tip: Grape seed oil has been used since medieval times for cosmetics and as a remedy for inflammations. Today, it remains a popular ingredient in many skincare products. Rich in linoleic acid, it’s renowned for its ability to soothe skin inflammations and promote skin regeneration. Whether for skincare, haircare, as bath oil, or in the kitchen, the versatility of grape seed oil knows no bounds.

Percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids 0%


vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free

Store the product protected from heat, light, and oxygen. After opening, store it tightly closed and consume it promptly.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as Vitamin E and K

Tips for use
+ perfect for salads and raw vegetables
+ ideal for refining sauces and dips
+ complements soups, tofu, chicken, and pasta
+ great for enhancing potatoes
+ in yogurt or with cereals
+ perfect for a healthy morning smoothie



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Produced CO2-neutral with hydroelectric power

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