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The protein mixes are especially for everyone who is very conscious of food and is mindful of a sporty menu, but still wants to rely on plant nutrition. We have 100% organic and 100% vegan for you! Quality is our priority. Therefore, the best raw materials are processed in all varieties with 100% transparency from cultivation to the finished product. Free of additives, artificial agents and sugar substitutes, our basic mixtures taste with different flavors in shakes, smoothies or muesli and contribute to a balanced, sporty diet.

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For our fine organic protein powder mixes, we only use Austrian protein powder from pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds as a base mixture, which are de-oiled and gently ground without additional heating.
This base is refined by us – with cocoa for the Schalkoladen mix, with barley and wheat grass for a Green Grass Mix and the Fruit Mix contains aronia & strawberry as a flavor.
So there is something for everyone.