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Organic Camelina Oil

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Uncomplicated and still as yet unknown

Owing to its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids (approximately 45%) which are essential for the human body and for good health, it is extremely popular because of the positive effect it has on our body, just like linseed oil. Camelina oil is the perfect alternative for vegetarians and vegans in order to satisfy their body’s Omega 3 requirement. So why not start the day off with a camelina oil energy boost by adding some of our virgin oil to your breakfast cereal or muesli.


Our organic camelina oil is completely untouched, not roasted and is cold-pressed in our family-run business. The virgin pressing procedure ensures a unique, typical and characteristic flavour. Due to the gentle processing procedure, we are able to preserve all the high-quality nutrients and the oil maintains its healthy and beneficial effect. In addition, we know exactly where the camelina comes from because it is grown locally, by farmers whom we know personally. It’s a product with no ifs and buts and is suitable for use in many recipes. Because of our love of nature, because the future  concerns each and every one of us.


The camelina plant is probably not one of the best-known plants. However, it’s one of the newcomers and the freshly pressed oil from the seeds of the camelina tastes superb. “Newcomer” is not quite the correct term, because it was used in the past by the Celts and was known to them as an “oil plant”. It then in a sense fell into oblivion. If you don’t happen to be a fan of linseed oil, our organic camelina oil is just the right option.

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