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We have developed the Austrian Super Snacks in practical, resealable bags with a lot of love, time and patience.

In our family-run business, top-quality raw materials, a pinch of salt and gentle roasting are what go towards making our Super Snacks from the very best organic seeds, and the whole procedure is carried out with loving care. Our Super Snacks not only provide the body with valuable nutrients, they are also an absolute hit at a party because they have lots of flavour, are of excellent quality and are also healthy, in contrast to salty crisps and fatty crackers.

They are available in mini 80g sizes for between meals up to large 300g sizes. This is ideal for when you want to serve your friends organic nibbles made in Austria. In addition to all this, there are the healthy nibbles packaged in airtight, resealable bags, ideal for storing away for the next party. We think outside the box – disposable packaging is a thing of the past.