Family Schalk can vouch for their products – under the motto: “our values are your guarantee”. However, see for yourself by joining us on a personalized guided tour and gain an insight into our sustainable and innovative company. A member of Schalk Mühle’s team will escort you and enable you to take a look behind the scenes and get to know our company better.



Choose from one of two “ENJOY” guided tours. Rates for school children and groups on request.


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    Flour production
    Water becoming electricity
    Fish and Hydorstation
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    Oils and tips
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Details about our tours of our mill

The personalized guided tour of our mill is a great experience. Under the motto “because of our love of the future” visitors are able to experience what makes it possible to operate in a sustainable and fair manner in this day and age, to set standards and focus on quality, and to bring the region to life.

You enter the mill via the rustic-style grain mill which is a six-storied wooden structure that has machines that date back to the 1950s which are operated by hand and still produce high-quality flour. You can admire the original grain mill made of pinewood which is from the East Tyrol and is a special feature. Have you never seen one? Yet another reason to pay us a visit …

The tour then continues to the hydroelectric power plant museum which has been lovingly restored. Here you can follow the path that the water takes when its energy is transformed into electricity and learn about how this differs from a modern hydroelectric power plant. The 100-year old power plant, which is equipped with a Francis turbine, was in operation until 2015 with a daily output of 1,200 kW and is still operational.

With this in mind, we are all keeping a watchful eye on the newly renovated hydroelectric power plant which was put into operation in 2015 and has a daily output of 3,800 kW. The Kaplan turbine “Made in Austria” is now able to produce three times more electricity than before, whereby 1/3 of the electricity generated is for our own use and two thirds of it flows into the regional network. This means that Schalk Mühle’s production is completely CO2-neutral.

A specially built fish ladder is located right next door, where trout, schneider, char, gudgeon and dace swimming upstream can make their way. In this way the fish population increases without interfering with nature. It’s well worth seeing the fish “rafting” in the labyrinth.

The tour continues to the oil press where you can watch one of the oldest methods of production of Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A. Here you can savour the aroma of freshly ground pumpkin seeds roasted on a wood-burner. The aroma is simply delightful. This tried and tested production procedure, which has become rare, is an absolute highlight.

A tasting session completes the tour, giving you the opportunity to sample our oils and seeds, all of which are of the very best organic quality with raw materials that are 100% of Austrian origin, sustainable and produced in a CO2-neutral manner – “because of our love of the future”. So take your time, smell and taste our finest home-made products – we would be very happy to advise you.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Discounts for large groups and school children on request
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